Airport Service

Limousine Service to or from the airport is a terrific way to start your trip on the right foot, or to wind down from your trip, get organized, or just close your eyes for a few moments of quiet.

Whatever the reason, we know that your are counting on us. Therefore we undertake our responsibilities in Airport Service with the same pride and professionalism we apply to all our services. Which means you can look forward to prompt, professional and dependable service.

Weather you are traveling for business or pleasure, you cannot go wrong with limousine service from Airport Limousine Toronto.

To determine the fee for your locaton and airport, use our airport rate calculator found.

Airport Pickup

* Passengers arriving at Terminal 1 should go to “POST # D”
* Passengers arriving at Terminal 2 should go to “POST # 22″
* Passengers arriving at Terminal 3 should go to “POST # 29 ”
* At the post provide your name to the Commissioner Security Guard and ask him to call for your
* Airport Executive Limo from the pre arranged area at the Airport.
* Your Limousine will be at the post within 2-3 minutes.
* Please do not leave the Airport without calling us at Tel: 416-504-9797 or Toll Free: 1-800-909-2467